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A ladies only floor is available for our female guests who would prefer a little more privacy and comfort during their stay.
Also, we have spacious Japanese/western style twin rooms with included bathroom
* Price is per room, per night,including taxes.
Room type Non-smoking/smoking Number of guests
Western style room Single room Non-smoking 1
Twin room (W/restroom) Non-smoking 2
Japanese style room Single room Non-smoking 1
Economy Twin room Non-smoking 2
Twin room (W/restroom) Non-smoking 2-3
ladies only floor Ladies Single room Non-smoking 1
Ladies Twin room Non-smoking 2
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room amenities
+Television +DVD player (available at the front desk) +Refrigerator +Air conditioning + FREE Wi-Fi
Guest items
+Toothbrush and toothpaste +Bath and face towels
+Hair dryer +Clothes iron +Slippers
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